Sphere of Influence Marketing

Sphere of Influence Marketing is still the strongest way to build a long-term real estate referral business.

Top agents tell us that more than 60% of their business comes from there SOI or sphere of influence – meaning the people that know them, like them and trust them. Friends, family, colleagues and referrals from those three groups of contacts.


Because the real key to your sphere of influence is the INFLUENCE part of that equation. Top agents know that most consumers are both logical and emotional and to effectively do business with them not just once but over the course of their career takes building and solidifying those trusted relationships.

Branding yourself as the agent to turn to in your market area takes consistency, timeliness and the right "touch." Remember the 3-7-27 Law of Prospecting says that in order to truly become top of mind for area customers it takes THREE contacts for them to recognize your name, SEVEN contacts for them to put your name with your business and TWENTY SEVEN to truly become a brand name.


By consistently reaching out to the people in your sphere of influence and creating and keeping that ever important top-of-mind awareness. You can use easy-access and affordable tools such as neighborhood newsletters, neighborhood specialist postcards, open houses, Just Listed and Just Sold postcards, but also include personal touches as well. Birthday cards, anniversary cards, newspaper articles, hand-written notes, invites to lunch or coffee and regular follow up phone calls at least twice per year.

To learn who should be in your sphere or how to effectively build your sphere of influence or book of business - click here to download a free copy of our BusinessBASE™ guidelines!

These are just some great ideas to help you stay connected with your sphere. Take good care of the VIPs in your book of business and you’ll see they will reward you year after year with their business and referrals. Whether you are using smart agent tools such as newsletters, direct response postcards, Every Door Direct Mail, social media or all of the above, sphere of influence marketing is a great to create career longevity. Learn more today by calling our team at 866.405.3638 or click through to see the powerful sphere of influence tools we have to offer!

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