Looking for Real Estate Business Cards that WORK?

Real estate business cards are a staple of your business, right? But what do YOURS say about you? Are they branded? Do they make it easy for people to contact you? Are they professionally designed? Are they budget friendly?

One thing is for certain, agents have a lot of choices today - but helping them make the choice that's best for their business and their results - that's what we're passionate about.

Five questions to ask yourself when choosing your Real Estate Business Cards:

  1. Are you protecting your branding? Branding is vital isn't it? Especially if your company, franchise or team has spent valuable marketing dollars advertising and creating a presence. That's why we've take every step to ensure that we have every major franchise and real estate organization in North America covered! And if we DON'T have your logo and you need to create your own signature style - we can help you with that too!

  2. Do you have a call to action? Many agents find their real estate business card an extension of their marketing tools, so they are careful to put a call to action on each one. We have a variety of backs that can help do just that. From asking for referrals to directing folks to your website or social media to making a fair trade offer for a free report or CMA, we can help make it easy for people to reach out to you.

  3. Are you using technology? QR codes are a great way to take people from your card to your website, your contact information, and your social media platforms or even contact form on your site in the click of a button on their smart phones. It's perfect for today's on-the-go, now-information-oriented consumer. Today, you see agents using QR codes on almost every piece of marketing they have (I've even seen them on cupcakes delivered to a corporate office and networking event!) - so it just makes sense to include them on your business card!

  4. Do you want double sided or single sided cards? Some agents like the clean, direct-to-the-point feel to just having the one-sided business cards. Others are eager to use all the "real estate" their marketing tools provide. Click here to peruse both kinds and see which you prefer!

  5. How many should you get? Now with the ability to get a short-run order of business cards (250) you can try many different variations to see which works best for you. Ones asking for referral might be good for some situations, ones with tip calculators or other handy information on the back might be better for others. Just as your marketing pieces such as flyers and brochures are created with the end user in mind, now your real estate business cards can be as well.

Choosing the postcard marketing templates that are best for you and your business doesn’t have to be time-consuming or headache-inducing. Visit us at www.prospectsplus.com today or call us at 866.405.3638 to get started.

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