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We sure do, you will find a number of helpful How-To Videos at the bottom of this page and on the menu bar under the Resources link. Click Here watch training videos.

Your work is automatically saved each time you make a change to the template. You can also click on the save icon to the right of the home icon on the editor toolbar.

To view your saved projects click on your email address at the top right of the webpage and click Saved Projects. You can also CLICK HERE to view your saved projects.

To view your saved orders click on your email address or user name at the top right of the webpage and click Order History. You can also CLICK HERE to view your order history.

We sure do. We have postcards backs that are set up for either Partners, Teams or to Co-brand yourself with another professional. You would just want to choose the appropriate back in the ordering process. You can also edit all of templates to your liking both front and back. You can add both Image and Text boxes to any template to customize it to your needs.

We currently support....

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera

Absolutely, whether you buy a mailing list from us or upload your own. We run each mailing list through a certification process to maximize delivery. We check to see that your addresses are properly formatted to the USPS requirements and we also check them again against the change of address records kept by the post office. You will sometimes notice on your order tracking a portion of your addresses in red, that shows where we have made a formatting change or change of address for you. We guarantee deliverability up to 92%. And yes, we offer you USPS tracking for all of your postcards in each order.

We make every effort to maximize your deliverable addresses. Please check out our 92% Deliverability for further details.

When postcards are mailed to your mailing list of recipients, we pre-sort those cards using what is called a 5-digit sort. That means these postcards are usually only scanned once through the post office machinery.

However, your individual "seed card" or sample, is sent as a singular item, so it gets batched at the post office as a "mixed mailing." This means that your single postcard may travel through as many as six scanning machines before it reaches your mailbox. Each scan adds to the chance that your postcard may get smeared or damaged as a result of being processed using heavy scanning equipment. Your prospects’ postcards are batched differently, scanned fewer times, and therefore are less likely to encounter a smudge.

Yes, you can provide your own mailing list and there is no charge to use your own data. You will want to upload your mailing list in an Excel CSV format.

You can contact our customer support team at 866-405-3638 if you need assistance or would like the correct field formatting.

No, the background images are locked and a part of the actual template and cannot be edited or switched out. You can however add images, change any text that is a text box and can also upload your own custom design if you wish.

MapMyMail℠ is homeowner Assessor data. It is best used to search for confirmed homeowners and absentee owners. We have a direct install of the data on our serves which allows our customers to preview where the data is being pulled from. You can pull the points on the map to define your exact target area, you can search on a radius from an address, or you can also select or deselect by street.

Demographic Searches are consumer data and are best used when you wish to narrow in on the demographic of your target prospects such as age, self-reported income, and renter vs. homeowners.

Yes, once a mailing list is purchased from us you will be emailed the mailing list and it will be added to your account. You can edit it or download it after purchase and you will be able to access it from by clicking on the dropdown on your username at the top right of the home page under Mailing Lists.

Your mailing lists will be stored in your account indefinitely and you can access them at any time.

No, unfortunately, we do not. However, we have a great alternative that many of our clients use. You can purchase gift cards on our site as a product. Once you purchase a gift card the code is emailed to you immediately. You can enter the Gift Card code at the checkout and that will deduct the amount from the balance and then a credit card or PayPal can be used for the balance of the transaction.

Our "We Help" option is the most popular because it is the easiest way to order for our busy customers. You are completely hands off and we do everything for you. You will also find that if you calculate the pricing on the various options by the time you add your postage the "We Help" option is actually less expensive and EASIER.

The reason for that is that our shipping cost is less since we deliver it to the post office directly and we pass that cost savings onto our customers.


  • PDF Downloads
  • Mailing List Downloads


  • Postcards, mailed first class
  • Postcards, mailed standard class
  • Postcards, shipped
  • Postcards, EDDM "Do It Yourself"
  • Door Hangers
  • Flyers, mailed first class
  • Flyers, mailed standard class
  • Flyers, shipped
  • Flyers, EDDM "Do It Yourself"
  • Newsletters, mailed first class
  • Newsletters, mailed standard class
  • Newsletters, shipped
  • Newsletters, EDDM "Do It Yourself"


  • Business cards
  • Notecards


  • Brochures, non-tabbed, mailed first class
  • Brochures, non-tabbed, mailed standard class
  • Brochures, non-tabbed, shipped


  • Postcards, EDDM "We Help"
  • Postcards, EDDM "Full Service"
  • Flyers, EDDM "We Help"
  • Flyers, EDDM "Full Service"
  • Newsletters, EDDM "We Help"
  • Newsletters, EDDM "Full Service"
  • Presentation Folders
  • Brochures, tabbed, mailed first class
  • Brochures, tabbed, mailed standard class
  • Brochures, tabbed, shipped
  • Market Dominator


  • Booklets
  • Magazines
  • Calendars


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