92% Postcard Deliverability Guarantee

Your ability to market to the right people at the right time with the right message is the foundation of your business. Delivering the right tools to help you do that is ours. That's why when it comes to putting your postcards in the hands of your customer base, we GUARANTEE the highest level of deliverability in our industry.

What that means is that when you use a list provided by ProspectsPLUS!, any returned mail you receive over 8% - we will REFUND your money for both POSTAGE and PRINTING.

What is a Normal Return Rate on a Consumer List?
First, according to USPS, over 40 million people in the U.S. move each year often don't immediately update their address information. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have 10-12% undeliverable names or disconnected numbers in the consumer market.

What that tells us is that NO list is 100% accurate. But we know that 75% of a direct mail campaign's SUCCESS lies in the accuracy of the list. That's why when building our site to include mailing list options we put these components in place to ensure that YOUR list is as effective as possible:

  • We get our data from the highest-quality provider in the country: Acxiom.  This cutting edge organization with extraordinary attention to detail, and a laser focus on the collection and aggregation of the best consumer and business data in the world from a wide spectrum of sources.
  • We CASS certify every address before sending a single piece of mail through our system. The Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) enables the United States Postal Service (USPS) to evaluate the accuracy of software that corrects and matches street addresses using address-matching software to improve the accuracy of their ZIP+4, carrier route, and five-digit coding.
  • We cross-reference every address with the National Change of Address database (NCOA).
  • Any returned mail to us marked "undeliverable" is scrubbed from our system. This keeps data and mailing costs down for our customers as well as removing undeliverable mail from an already burdened mail system.
  • We track 100% of our postcard mailings. You never have to wonder where and when your mailings hit your market.

With these systems in place we are confident we can provide the highest standard of mail deliverability in our industry – and we put our money where our commitment is. With you. Our valued customers.

Are there some ways to IMPROVE the accuracy and health of your mailing list? Absolutely!

  1. If you are purchasing data from another provider, please check their accuracy ratings (and costs!). Our data is 8 cents per record and we guarantee it to be the most up to date.
  2. If you are marketing to a resort area, or second home market, please use our MapMyMail! System to choose the ‘mail to absentee owner' option. These markets have historically high vacancy rates, and your mailings will be returned in those instances.
  3. Continuously update your sphere of influence database. By staying in touch consistently with your sphere of influence, and including a return address on your mailings, you should receive cards back when there is a change of address. Update your records before uploading your list for future mailings.

Learn more about our systems at blog.prospectsplus.com/map and blog.prospectsplus.com/track or contact our customer support team at 1.866.405.3638.