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When it comes to marketing with savvy, top agents know that multiple real estate brochures in their tool chest is just good business. Gone are the days when agents spent small fortunes (and the bulk of their marketing budgets) on What agents need in today's competitive market is the kind of EMPOWERED Realtor Marketing that gets them noticed, helps them build relationships and creates the kind of top-of-mind awareness that is so critical to success. No organization helps you do that better than ProspectsPLUS!

Here are four things to consider choosing your Realtor Marketing Tools.

1. Does it Contain 'Smart Copy'?

Every agent marketing tool in the system has been written by real estate professionals for real estate professionals. With experience and special care, each piece is designed to help you speak to the mind of your prospect, client or customer and help you both raise questions for them and provide answers. From powerful niche marketing and sphere of influence tools, to incredible fair trade items and must-have's - you're in good hands.

2. Are they Up-to-Date?

Every month, delivers fresh ideas, innovative insights and empowering new tools such as our direct response postcards, marketing flyers and brochures, Realtor business cards, content-rich newsletters, personal branding tools and more. We stay ahead of the curve so you don’t have to worry.

3. Do they cover all the bases?

The truth is you wouldn’t talk to a first time home buyer the same way you would an investor-right? So your marketing really shouldn’t either. That’s why we provide more 25+ categories of marketing tools – with more being added all the time. Our market keeps changing. New niche markets, accreditations, and demographics make their way into our industry often. We want to ensure that you always have what you need to spotlight yourself as the agent to call. Simply scroll to the bottom of our home page to see them all or click on the ‘categories’ button on our navigation panel.

4. Does your realtor marketing company provide the help you need?

We know sometimes you need a little help getting started, or finding the perfect marketing tool to meet your needs. Maybe you need a help with a list, or deciding on a campaign or getting your already branded material printed and shipped. Whatever it is that you need to help streamline your business and grow your customer base (and bottom line), we can help. Call our team at 866.405.3638 today!

At, we understand that as competitive agents, you have a lot of choices. That’s why you’ll find that we always have your best interests in mind. We will always work hard to earn and keep your trust and your business. Please click here to bookmark our blog which is filled with valuable ideas, strategies, solutions, expert interviews and so much more. When you’re ready to choose which

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