Expired Listing Postcards

Expired Listing Postcards are a powerful way to capture the attention of these usually still motivated sellers and let them know that you are the agent to get the job done successfully!

The truth is most sellers at this point are a little discouraged. Frustrated. Sometimes even scared of getting stuck in a tough situation. That’s where using direct response postcards that ask the questions that are already in their minds is a smart strategy for success.

Spotlighting yourself as the expired listing specialist helps you develop powerful niche marketing skills and drives your brand and referral base.

When you couple our expired listings postcards with direct offers such as free reports on how to get their home sold, what they should look for in an agent, our merchandising review and other smart agent tools, sellers see you as more than just an agent – they see you as a resource that is delivering what they need. And that? Is the leverage you are looking for in your market?

Take the time to choose the expired listing postcards that resonate most with you, then also be sure to check out the free reports that we have to offer that will be a good fit. You can use these as an offer on your postcards and let sellers know to just call or email you for the free report of their choice. You can also use these valuable expired tools as opt-in pieces on your website. Consumers can give you their name and email address to download them. What a terrific way to build your email database!

Patience, confidence and visuals are three important components to winning over sellers whose listings have expired. And PRICING. Many expired listings are simply a result of overpricing. Whether that is because of an agent error, stubborn sellers or a combination – it really all does come down to pricing. We’ve got a great eBook on how to get your listings priced right in ANY market!

These are just some a few ways to help you generate powerful leads and new business by using expired listing postcards and complimentary tools to connect with expired listing sellers. And remember we’re here if you need us. Expired listings can be a tremendous source listings for many agents. Get in there and be consistent. The business will come! Learn more today by calling our team at 866.405.3638 or click through to see the powerful expired listing postcards we have to offer!

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Expired 27 Series Postcards

Expired 27 Series Postcards

Expired Listing Series Postcards

Expired Listing Series Postcards