Geographic Farming

Geographic Farming is a powerful source of lead and referral generation.

To become the ‘go-to’ agent in any market, savvy sales professionals leave nothing to chance. They deploy smart niche marketing campaigns, work their sphere of influence consistently, and also carefully choose a geographic area they wish to dominate such as a neighborhood, group of neighborhoods, or by zip code. By wisely concentrating their marketing, focus and energies on a manageable segment of their community, they can expect tremendous returns from their Geographic Farming efforts.


Because agents who focus on a specific segment of their community or neighborhoods can effectively gather and keep the kind of hyper-local information consumers are hungry for in their market and showcase themselves as the turn-to resource for that information using powerful real estate marketing tools such as neighborhood newsletters, neighborhood specialist postcards, open houses, Just Listed and Just Sold postcards, informative workshops and more.

Why hyper-local?

Consumers today are savvier than ever and they are hungry for the information that matters most to them. Agents who take the time to fuel their marketing with that kind of information are the ones who outpace their competition in terms of geographic farming. What kind of local news should you be sharing?

Local school information (calendars, sports schedules, plays, carnivals or festivals, how to become business partners, teacher or the month/year, awards, etc.)

New and existing businesses (interview a new restaurant owner in your area, spotlight a local boutique or shop, list trusted resources such as landscapers, mechanics, roofers and handymen, share coupons from the yogurt stand or information about local growers or farmer’s markets in your area if you have them.)

Just Listed and Just Sold information (neighborhood residents like to be in the know as to who’s moving in and who’s moving out of their community and of course what homes are selling for!)

Handy community information (crime watch details, community meetings, neighborhood garage sales, block parties, family events and more.)

These are just some great ideas to share with the folks in your geographic farm. People LOVE the agent who doesn’t just show up once, but shows up over and over again with the kind of information they are hungry for. Whether you are using traditional tools such as direct response postcards, Every Door Direct Mail®, newsletters, social media or an effective combination of all of these marketing mediums – geographic farming is a powerful way to ensure you have a steady and sustainable income long-term. Learn more today by calling our team at 866.405.3638 or click through to see the wide spectrum of geographic farming tools we have waiting just for you!

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