Real Estate Door Hangers

Real Estate Door Hangers are a fun and effective way to connect with people in your geographic farm area. For savvy agents eager to increase market share and keep their marketing mixed up and their information front and center in the minds of the consumers, real estate door hangers are a great tool to add to your marketing kit.

We’ve seen them work in many different ways, but after doing a little research, we’ve put together some tried and true tips for sales professionals who are looking to develop a stronger rapport and presence in a particular neighborhood or market area.

Seven Tips for Using Real Estate Door Hangers:

1. Consider your content first.

What is your purpose for this particular marketing piece? Are you showcasing a listing? A sale? Your brand? Your team? We’ve always been fans of the ‘begin with the end in mind’ philosophy. Whatever direction you choose, make sure you are very clear and concise in your content and that it matches your purpose (and your market area!)

2. Always include a call to action.

Too often, with any direct marketing piece, sales professionals forget to give people a REASON to take action. Whether it’s a free list of homes, free consumer reports, an invitation to a workshop or any smart offer, don’t forget to include it and make it easy for people to ACT.

3. If you’re hand delivering your door hangers yourself, be smart!

Wear comfortable (but professional) clothes, good shoes, bring water and don’t try to knock it all out in one fell swoop. Be sure to also wear your name badge and carry your business cards to identify yourself as an agent!

4. Choose the right time of day.

Depending on what you want to accomplish – timing is everything. If your goal is to just get the hangers on the door with as little actual human contact – mornings are good. Right after most people leave for work or are off to school. If what you want to do is to hand deliver your door hangers and strike up conversations with potential sellers and buyers than early evening is good after people have made their way home.

5. Choose the right time of year.

Many times there are weekend events such as community garage sales or block parties, etc. Usually in the spring or the fall (which makes for better out-and-about weather as well!) Keep tabs on what’s happening in the neighborhoods in your area so you can possibly coincide your neighborhood walk-about with a time when everyone is more out and about and eager to chat!

6. Teamwork can sometimes make the whole experience a lot more fun!

Instead of a solitary day of canvassing a neighborhood, I know agents who team up with other members of their office and tackle a geo farm together. They split the cost of the door hangers and have company while out for a fun day out meeting and greeting neighbors.

7. ‘Warm up’ the neighborhood first.

If you are planning to canvass a neighborhood or neighborhoods on foot either alone or as a team, it’s a good call to warm up the community first a little by sending postcards with your name, picture and information first. That way when you are meeting face-to-face, consumers will be more likely to recognize you and realize you’re there as the ‘neighborhood expert.’

These are just some ways to make your real estate door hanger marketing more effective (and fun!) Savvy agents make this just one part of their overall marketing strategy. Usually choosing to canvass their market areas once or twice a year, and using direct mail postcards, newsletters, email and social media as well as phone calls and visits to create a well-rounded, substantial plan of action.

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