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Consumer Reports

Below you'll find powerful free reports, tips and strategies for each as well as corresponding direct response postcards.

Print a stack of these reports to give to clients, use as a ‘leave-behind' piece for listing appointments, as an incentive for buyers to come into the office or as a collateral piece you can email in return for home buyer and seller's valuable email addresses!

BusinessBASE™ System for Building Your Book of Business

Branding yourself as the agent to turn to in your market area takes consistency, timeliness and the right "touch." Tap into this one simple system that can keep your career and referral base on track! It leverages the 3-7-27 Law of Prospecting says that in order to truly become top of mind for area customers it takes THREE contacts for them to recognize your name, SEVEN contacts for them to put your name with your business and TWENTY SEVEN to truly become a brand name.

This free BusinessBASE™ solution will help you grow your book of business effectively both in the short term and for career longevity!

Target Audience: Your Sphere of Influence and farm area.

Mailing Frequency: Choose from one of our simple, smart template series to easily and affordably "touch" your clients every 30-45 days.

Animal Series
Quote Series
Content Series
Content Series

Merchandising Review Form

Having the right collateral piece to help you handle objections often and early is critical in the sales and listing process. This tool is perfect for helping you get listings PRICED RIGHT the first time - and also VERY handy at helping sellers of expired listings to pinpoint exactly where their listing took a wrong turn that resulted in an expiration. It can help you get in the door - and get the listings you want at the price that fits your market.

Target Audience: Expireds

Mailing Frequency: Every 3-5 days after the listing has expired

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How to CHOP $24,000 & 4 Years OFF Your Mortgage

This report is a powerful tool for engaging homeowners, demonstrating your expert knowledge, and opening new lines of communication. Keep several on hand to use as 'leave-behinds' for listing appointments, give out at open houses and in response to marketing inquiries. Be sure to add a "Free Report Offer" to all of your marketing (emails, direct mail, website and social media).

The Get More Listings Series of postcards will help you generate interest from potential home sellers. Don't forget to offer your Free Report, "Chop $24,000 off of Your Mortgage" on the back of these postcards.

Target Audience: Area Homeowners and Sphere of Influence

Mailing Frequency: Every 21-30 days

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For Sale By Owner First Aid

Sometimes working with FSBOs requires a "make a friend first and a sale later" philosophy. Eager for valuable information, they'll turn to you for the help they need when you offer this report. Couple this report with our time-tested, result-producing FSBO direct mail postcards and you've got a winning hand!

Target Audience: Area FSBOs

Mailing Frequency: Every 4-7 days for effective branding as FSBOs and Expireds tend to move quickly.

Cash Buyer Checklist

With mortgages difficult to push through and cash investors now coming out in force, many agents are turning to these preferred buyers to make closings quick and referrals plentiful. These powerful direct response postcards coupled with our new FREE Report: Cash Buyer Checklist make reaching out to them fast and easy!

Target Audience: Cash Buyers (Demographic TIP: Over 40 with a $150,000+ income)

Mailing Frequency: Every 3-4 weeks

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Five Keys to Selling Your Home Sooner

This quick report offers five great ways to improve the marketability of their home and view you as the expert in your area! It's a great postcard to offer to area Expireds who are wondering why their home didn't sell and a great "foot in the door" strategy for helping them know you're a resource they can trust.

Target Audience: Area Expireds

Mailing Frequency: Expireds tend to move quickly so be sure to send every 3-5 days for the first few weeks after they expire and follow up with a phone call!

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