Just Sold Postcards

Just Sold Postcards are one of the most powerful tools you can use to build market share.

Why? Well nothing quite showcases that a turn-to agent’s results quite like a Just Sold postcard. While many consumers are interested when they receive a Just Listed postcard because they want to know who’s moving in a neighborhood, what the sales prices and property values are and keep tabs on what’s happening in their marketplace, a Just Sold postcard delivers the bottom line actual results for what’s trending, what’s selling and what’s happening.

A cornerstone.

While many agents have shied away from traditional direct mail in recent years, we speak to agents every day who consider it a cornerstone of their overall marketing plan. We’ve even had agents that have taken considerable market share from established agents just by deploying this one, easy-to-use, affordable tool.

Why do they work?

Several reasons. One, it showcases that an agent has the ability to get the job done. Two, when used consistently, it helps agents create that ever-important top-of-mind awareness in their market area. Three, when agents send to both a list created from a radial search around the listed property as well as their sphere of influence, they have the ability to grow that sphere over time by communicating effectively with both lists. Four, most agents keep a copy of their Just Sold postcards to include in their pre-listing and listing presentations as a great visual of their success ratio. (With a little, "This could be your home in no time if we get started today," dialogue!) And five, with so few businesses still using direct mail, there’s lots of great ‘real estate’ for the taking in those mailboxes. No competing for the attention of the consumers.

Does it work? Hands down the answer is YES.

Here are just a few insights from our clients:

"I’m getting ready to order the Just Sold postcards. It's a great way to let neighbors know that a house had been sold in their area."

-Mildred Jones-King

“The Just Listed/Just Sold postcards do the job! They are high quality and effortless to produce.”

-Jim Dobson

“Just listed/sold postcards are great. I get calls from neighbors who find me with the cards in the mail.”

-Tina's Orlando Paradise Homes

“Just Sold / Just Listed Postcards are my favorite marketing tools to use!”

-Janet Buff

“ I love the Just Listed and Just Sold cards. It's a great way to get your name out in different neighborhoods. I have acquired 3 new listings so far as a direct result from the mailings. WOW!”

-Jenny Hellman

“Got a new listing from the "just sold" postcards with a few weeks of starting the program! Absolutely great, affordable marketing!”

-Pat Taylor Bogenn

“The sale and sold cards are a great tool. I like the idea that neighbors know and send referrals.”

-Eleonore Gerstenfeld

“Just Listed/Just Sold postcards are a valuable and affordable tool.”

-Mark Miller

Savvy agents leave nothing to chance. They know that to succeed in today’s competitive market; they need to be resourceful, smart and utilize every tool that makes sense for their business. That includes the results-producing Just Sold postcards . They’ll help get you noticed, create awareness, spotlight your success and help you become the turn-to agent in your market! Learn more today by calling our team at 866.405.3638 or click through to see the incredible variety of Just Sold Postcard templates we have to offer!

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