Just Listed Postcards

Just Listed Postcards are still one of the ‘foundation builders’ for real estate marketing success.

While some may cry old school and others try email – nothing, really nothing, shares your ability to get the job done as a successful real estate marketing professional like Just Listed and Just Sold postcards.


Because they work. In any market.  Any state.  Any subdivision.  When people are thinking about buying and selling a home, they want the person on the job who has a track record for success.  But how do you share that track record?  How do you communicate your ability to get the job done?  Direct response postcards that pull double duty in the marketing department such as Just Listed and Just Sold postcards.

Double duty?

More than that!  Just Listed and Just Sold postcards are a strong suit in terms of real estate marketing because they not only present the agent as the turn-to resource in a market area – but they also successfully showcase the listing itself which engages the seller, shows potential listing clients that you are marketing on their behalf, and helps you create ‘buzz’ in the neighborhoods you are targeting, giving you an opportunity to connect with other homeowners who are thinking about selling now or in the near future.

Does it work?

Market after market.  Year after year.  It works.  Here are just a few notes from our clients:

“Since our office has been using Just Listed postcards through your system, our listings have increased about 30%. Our office is located in a condominium complex of approximately 150 units and the postcard mailings that your company has been sending out on our behalf, has many of our neighbors commenting about receiving them and how professional our new appearance is. We can attribute about a 30% increase in listings coming directly from unit owners that have received them. We have reasoned that this is the best advertising money we have ever spent, with results we can gauge definitively.”

-Steven Laidley

“I love the Just Listed and Just Sold cards. It's a great way to get your name out in different neighborhoods. I have acquired 3 new listings so far as a direct result from the mailings. WOW!”

-Jenny Hellman

“I have started using the just sold and just listed and it got me a listing the day after they went out!”

-Cara McLean Rolfes

“The Just Listed/Just Sold postcards do the job! They are high quality and effortless to produce.”

-Jim Dobson

Savvy agents use everything in their tool chest for success. That includes the "old school" meets "real world success tool," Just Listed Postcards. They serve a multitude of purposes, ensure you shine as an agent, help you and your organization build market share, make your listing clients happy, promote your listing, share your successes — all an affordable cost and totally blink-of-an-eye ease.

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