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  • How many people should be in your Sphere of Influence
  • How to effectively match your message to your market
  • How to become famous with your Sphere and stay top of mind
  • How to achieve consistency and predictability with your marketing

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How to Schedule Your Sphere of Influence Campaign


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you purchase, simply go to your Campaigns page, click view details, and click edit on any of the cards you want to modify.

Yes! You can edit your scheduled mailing, including your mailing list anytime before midnight the night before it is scheduled to be printed and mailed out.

Yes, in fact we recommend using standard class mail if you are trying to stretch your marketing budget a bit. Just remember delivery can take up to two weeks, but as long as you are not sending time sensitive information standard class mail with a large card is a great way to get more value for your money.

You will receive return mail for list hygiene on standard class mail as long as you make sure to have your return address on your postcards.

No, you can certainly start with less but in order to get the maximum results and rely on our 3 Extra Closings you will need a minimum of 150 people in your Sphere. Most agents know more people than they think they do and using our BusinessBase is a great way to get that list count up and not miss anyone.

Not currently. We recommend mailing to your Sphere of Influence and other campaigns a minimum of once a month. The more contact you have the more likely they are to think of you first when it comes to buy or sell.

EDDM® is not available for Sphere of Influence campaigns as your Sphere of Influence list should be people who you know and more importantly know you and that you are in real estate. This list should be made up of friends, family, neighbors, past clients and others. Our BusinessBase™ is a great way to add to your list.

You will find our pricing for all qualities and sizes available on the pricing tab of the website. But by way of example if you were to mail 150 jumbo postcards, standard class mail the cost would be $121.50 plus tax if applicable in your state or .81 per postcard per mailing.