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PM130734 Tuesday, September 27, 2016 100 Color Series - Just Listed Blue01 - Standard / Standard Postcard Back w/ Message / Standard Postcard - First Class Mail $62.00  
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What's With The Smudge?

Ever run across a smudge on the sample postcard that is sent to you? Here's the inside scoop: When postcards are mailed to your mailing list of recipients, we pre-sort those cards using what is called a 5-digit sort. That means these postcards are usually only scanned once through the post office machinery. However, your individual "seed card" or sample, is sent as a singular item, so it gets batched at the post office as a "mixed mailing." This means that your single postcard may travel through as many as six scanning machines before it reaches your mailbox. Each scan adds to the chance that your postcard may get smeared or damaged as a result of being processed using heavy scanning equipment. Your prospects’ postcards are batched differently, scanned fewer times, and therefore are less likely to encounter a smudge.

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